Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Tasting Fun

My students have very limited English and they need lots of opportunities to practice linguistic patterns and
to speak to a partner in a full sentence. They are so young this year that I have to slow down and visit concepts in a variety of ways. Continuing simple patterns has gone pretty well but ABAB is the only one they really understand consistently. So I have made patterning a daily routine to build up their skills. The sight words I have introduced are challenging some and I will be thinking of every idea in the world to give them additional practice.
Sorting these words in a pocket chart has been a big hit since every child gets their own card. This was my teaching partner's idea to keep all students engaged! Go ahead and say it..."The woman is a genius."

During the week my students will work on this:
This is an oldie I made many years ago but I like it because the kids get to draw the apple seeds and it is a bit more interactive. We need more number practice and this might feel less painful to them!
Please do not sell these or give them away as your ideas. I am having so many problems with this lately and need your support. They will be offered in my TpT store soon. I just thought you might like to see them.


Jennie Jensen said...

What font do you use for all your work? I love it and want to use it, too! Thanks!

Kim Schneider said...

Super cute apple seeds book Fran!! I've been teaching K for 19 years and love to change up my units every year. This book is the ticket!!!
Thanks for being such a ROCK STAR!!!

Maryann said...

Hi Fran!
I love these apple ideas!! You continue to "dazzle" me with your wonderful activities! I hope you are going to sell these on TPT- tha apple bingo and also the emergent reader book! Oh, please!
Thanks so much for always willing to put pictures of your activities!Take care-

Dian said...

I like the seeds in the ten frame. It is not busy work but a real life application! Good job! Are you sharing this? TpT or ......?

Chrissy said...

Fran, I'm sharing the "I Heart Your Blog" award with you. I am delighted to have a way to show you how much you are appreciated. Every week, I use something that you have shared with us!!


Madison said...

Fran I love your ideas. I know you have already been nominated as a versatile blogger, but there was no way I could leave you off my list. I am so grateful for all you do and share.
I think you are a versatile blogger!

StayInK said...

Hi Fran!! You are simply an AMAZING educator. Thank you so very much for keeping me motivated with fresh ideas. Would you PLEASE, PLEASE share these of TPT? Thank you soooooo much.

Donna Richards said...

Hi Fran. Thanks for the ideas. Hope to see them on TpT sooon. At one time you posted how to get the hadwriting lines w/out the letters. Can you show me that post again???? Thanks again for all your amazing work.

Stenslv said...

Fran -- LOVE< LOVE < LOVE your apple things. I am doing apples this week and would love to buy these today from you --- can you post ASAP? (i know not asking for much right? :-)

I so appreciate all you do! Thanks! Val :-)

mskarenkory said...

The activities are so cool! I can't wait to pick them up on TpT! Are the book and bingo game going to be part of an apple unit?

The Kinder Garden said...

It saddens me that people still continue to steal your ideas, because now it has affected what you choose to give away for free, as you've been so kind to do. I love all of the things you make -- even used one of your "counting dots" number books with my kiddos this week in math centers and they couldn't even get over it!

Please know that most of us aren't like that and would never dream of stealing another person's work for money.

Thanks for all you do!!!!


Lindsey said...

I'm doing apples and counting right now and this is just what I need. A freebie by chance?

Jackie said...

I would never make the exact thing and claim it as my own. I appreciate all the hard work you put into your products and am more than happy to pay for them. And if I do happen to make something of my own that was inspired by you I will definitely give you credit

S said...

I love this apple book with ten-frames. Can't wait to get it from TPT!!