Sunday, October 23, 2011

Star Word Mastery Lights Up My World

Okay, no one warned me  how much work this intervention would be but once it is done we will be ready to rock and roll with our mentors. I got these rings in Office Depot for a dime a bag and I thought I was going to die of happiness because rings are costly. I have a friend that uses shower curtain rings that she finds at the dollar store and that is a brilliant idea! Teachers are sooooooo smart! Anyhow, once they master these ten words they will get a certificate and tons of applause for a job well done. Motivation and competition rule the world!


Amanda said...

I do the exact same thing except I send the words home. Every Wednesday we have "Word Wednesday" and the children come in and read them to me! I have a cover card with their name and the words all around their name. If they say the word correctly, they get the word star punched. If they get them all correct, they get a new set. They love getting it star punched! It's great because then the parents know exactly which ones they need to practice!

Cindy said...

What a lucky gal you are to have a guy to help you with this project...way to go Mr. K ;)

Dynamic Dual Kinders said...

I do something similar as well. We have a rocket book with the words and short phrases for 9 different lists, they also have the flashcards on a ring. For every other list they learn, they earn a to keep that carrot for my strugglers!
Thanks for sharing!

Pat Pobst said...

Fran, Thank you for the bazillion ideas and the inspiration you create in all of us! It is like a boost to the spirit of kindergarten. I love all the ideas for the mentor program. We work with second graders as we are a k – 2 building. Do you plan to post your graphs and the interview? I would love to have this to start with our partners. We have looked all over for ideas like this. Thank you so much! Pat

Fran Kramer said...

Dear Pat,
I am going to create an Intervention Packet for teachers. I am so excited you are doing this. Stay in touch!

Donna Richards said...

Are these flashcards in your sightword packet (either 1 or 2)?

Fran Kramer said...

They are in the first packet but all the written activities are in the second packet! The first has all the different manipulatives to use in small groups (headbands, necklaces,
roll-a-word game etc.

Mrs. Gorbe said...

My son's teacher started "word rings" in 1st grade when she was doing her master's program with me as part of her thesis. She (with other teachers in 1st) came up with the most common words in each Guided reading level (using rigby books) and made words rings. Once you pass your ring, you get a star on the chart and they sing a song to you!:)
I did these with my first graders, and now need to make new ones for K. I LOVE putting the star on them:)

Did you find the rings RECENTLY??

Marielle Slappe said...

Are the sight words featured here available for download?