Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to all the blogging friends who sent this award to me. I am just so busy with school, blogging, and the daily stuff of life that I have not listed seven things you might find interesting about me:

1. I have been married to the same man since I was 21 years old. We met at the beach in a hurricane and it was love at first sight. (corny but true). We have been married for 37 years and he thinks I am the best teacher in the world. Yes, he is a bit delusional but I love his pride in me! He's a dentist.

2. My husband and I raised two daughters who are both attorneys and we still shake our heads and ask ourselves why. However one is an adjunct professor at Brown and the other ran a tutorial program in Chicago's inner city. Hummm, not teachers? My mom was a teacher, my sister, and so was my grandmother. I think this is in my genetic code.

3. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland and met my 2 best friends in middle school where I sat between them in science class. Both of them are male. 

4. My favorite movie in the world is I Am Sam and I cried so much during the movie that my husband was desperate to take me home. If you have never seen this rent it and brace yourself. I love it because all the music is from the Beatles and during the first half of my career I was a special education teacher (2 credentials). It was a wonderful story. So... I cry easily but love sad movies.

5.When the girls were little I designed children's clothing and sold it to a boutique. I could not keep up with the orders and finally gave it up. One day when I walked into my classroom (private school) most of the children in the class were wearing something I had designed. I made tie dyed clothing and machine appliqued designs on top. Yup, those were the days my friend.  I also love to quilt!

6. I love... coffee (drink it all day), bagels, peanut butter, and pizza. None of those things love me! I fight weight issues all the time. So I have to work out. I introduced my personal trainer to an assistant principal in my district because I knew they would fall in love with each other and they did! They are getting married this June and they are perfect for each other. How cute is that!

7. I am a district trainer but every time I do a presentation I feel sick to my stomach and feel like I am going to die. I am so anxious that I will waste someone's valuable time but I love being with my "peeps." I love kindergarten teachers more than any other group of people. Seriously, they are generous, warm, loving, and smart. You can pick them out of a group of people in a second. 


Mary said...

Oh no! I just linked this over to you without realizing you just wrote about it. Oh well! Thanks so much for all of the inspiration.

Adventures in Kindergarten

Alicia M said...

Thanks for sharing Fran - it is fun to "meet" you online and learn more about you! Thanks for all you do!

Colleen said...

Yes, thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourself. It's fun to know we have more in common than just teaching kindergarten!

Allison said...

Thank you for always inspiring me. I just gave you the I Heart Your Blog award on my site. Have a great day!

Cindy said...

Nice to learn a little bit more about you! What a talented lady you are! ;-)
Thanks for sharing!

Meredith said...

I love who you are!

Mrs. Glennon's Beach Buddies said...

I downloaded the kindergarten word wall student cards and I just wanted to find out more information about them. When you get a chance could you please let me know? Thanks so much! Love your blog!!!
It is so exciting to look through everything!