Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brace Yourself for Learning!

Here is the next map I will be working on in my room. I plan to do a guided drawing activity which will allow my students to practice making the parts of an apple. This is a great map for them to practice in kindergarten since it is so concrete. I will post their work when I complete this. Labeling is part of this activity too. I love when they draw the parts of an apple and when they get to the whole they make it a different color. Really? Wow that's when I know I didn't get my point across at all!


tmarie said...

Can I come be a student in your room? Pretty please? I am well behaved and know how to sit criss-cross and raise my hand! I am a little loud, but with reminding I can control myself.

Thanks for being awesome. This is a great chart. I may recreate something similar on a large chart for pumpkins. (not to sell or anything, I know you have had probs with that!) Thanks for inspiring me!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Fran Kramer said...

You are so adorable and hilarious.Thank you for making me laugh tonight. I love loud people people who know how to behave... some of the time! When are you joining my class? We need some girls!

Natalie Alexander said...

I love brace maps! Cute idea!

Judith said...

I cannot find the apple brace map to be purchased at Teacher's notebook, HELP!