Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh My Goodness I Have Lost Control: Applelicious Activities Is Ready!

Seriously friends, my kids have barely started school and now I have a frightening amount of testing to do for progress reports and report cards. In my opinion progress reports are district code for another report card or maybe I am just crazy. So... I made this packet so I would have things for them to do while I am working on individual assessments  that take me a billion hours, make me crazy, and test my patience beyond your wildest understanding. I love when the four year old little cutie comes up and just shrugs his shoulders when I check his alphabetic knowledge. I try to smile lovingly but in my head I am freaking out and asking myself if I need to find another job cause I am not exactly hitting a home run. 

I need stuff to keep the others busy and this can be really challenging when dealing with little people. So you do not want activities that are too difficult. You need things that can be done independently without children coming up to you every 4 seconds to ask a question. I am hoping this packet is the answer. What do you think? Can you use something like this? I did a mix of 
math and literacy activities with cut and paste work. Gotta go. You can it by clicking on TpT.


mskarenkory said...

Thank you for sharing this. It has boosted my morale! I tend to get insecure about my ability as a teacher this time of year. It sounds like I'm in good company.

mskarenkory said...

I bought this unit this afternoon and I've printed it out and am preparing to use some of the activities tomorrow! I LOVE it!