Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Activities

My teaching partner is a genius at modifying activities so we can get them done fairly quickly, have some fun, and not have our kids covered in paint. Well, just not too many of them! This is adorable on the walls of our room and we taught the seasons of the year through this book. There are millions of versions of this activity on the internet but this is our take on how it can be accomplished. I have a little flower hole punch in case you are wondering how we got those little pink flowers. Cute huh? We made the apples using the back of a pencil dipped in red paint. So next year you might consider doing this.

Try this in your room with something related to Fall.


Julie said...

Love the deductive reasoning bag activity! Thanks!

Amanda said...

Just did the seasons activity with my kids yesterday after reading "Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf" by Lois Elhert. I did modify it a bit, but they turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Love the deductive reasoning activity. By the way, what font are you using for the little cut out stapled to the bag? Thanks!!