Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who's Your "Data?"

We are going to work on this tomorrow. I am tired tonight so I used scrapboooking chalk to fill in some of the color at the top. I used a q-tip to apply the color and the best part is that this does not smear. I really recommend using colored chalk when you need to fill in large areas quickly. A cotton ball works well and you can blend colors easily.
I hope you like this little activity. I think we have to remind children to pay attention to detail and this activates their thinking and provides a review of gardening vocabulary.
What do you do? I was thinking of making seed packets that go in a baggie and the kids in a small group each get their own with a recording sheet... I'm thinking...thinking...


Maryann said...

Hi Fran!
I hope this is the worksheet you are going put TPT!!! This is a great graph!
Thanks! Try to get some sleep tonight!
have a good day!

Dedi said...

Wow I love picture. Do you mind sharing where you get your cute clip art?