Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maps Lead to Writing Not Decorating Your Room

This is tomorrow's writing activity. It is important that teachers encourage students to use the maps to support their writing. My little ones need more support with the language of the map and I decided to put their map, as well as their drawing and writing on one long page-81/2"x14". I will try to post their work tomorrow. I hope they enjoy this activity!


weety said...

I love all your thinking map ideas!
On another site I was on, I saw that you mentioned using sight word necklaces and songs. Will you explain? I'm quite curious about these!

t00precious said...

i wouod like to thank you for all your wonderful ideas. you are so right, the graphic organizer really helpos organize their thoughts, which leads to better writing. We did one on heroes. I will posy oics soon on my blog

Katie said...

Are there any great resources that you recommend for teachers on how to implement thinking maps?

Fran Kramer said...

I only know what is available to a trainer of trainers and I would go on their site to see if any books can be purchased. I work with a curriculum specialist who is truely a genius and we have taken these maps to a much higher level.
I am lucky to have her.

iteachk said...

Wow! This is a great idea. I can really see that it would help my kiddos to know how to write better sentences! Thanks for all that you share!

thegeralds said...

I know a really fun Flag song:
I love this flag, oh yes I do
I love this flag- red, white, and blue
50 stars and 13 stripes
7 are red and 6 are white
I love this flag, oh yes I do.
I love this flag- red, white, and blue