Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Techy Linky Party with Miss Snowden

This is the best of all linky parties and I can't wait to join in. First, let me say that I am obsessed with technology and love so many things. I am lucky enough to have an ELMO, school laptop, and LCD projector that get used all day. However, other people have already mentioned these so I will talk about some other tools that are amazing.  My digital camera is always ready to document work that my students do, charts I want to remember and video I want to upload to my website for parents to enjoy. I once showed a child outside jumping rope for the first time and sent it to his mom. She loved it. I will use video to record a student reading a book or singing a song. For a working parent this creates such a great connection.
I am a digital scrapbooker (can you tell from my blog?) so I make books using photos of the kids in my class and my students can't get enough of this. An example of this might be taking pictures of the kids and creating a book with sight words in context that I want them to practice. What could be more motivating?
This might surprise you but I use my iphone all the time to grab a picture or even video if my camera is not handy. I can shoot this right to a parent in an email or to the district to see a strategy they might like!

My last suggestion is buy a digital frame just for your classroom. The kids love watching a special event that took place in class or you can set up a slide show of all the sight words you want them to know. Do not put this near the bathroom (like I did) since I had a child spend so much time watching the pictures that he wet his pants- seriously!

So... I hope these ideas are helpful.


Jena Snowden said...

Thanks for linking up! I LOVE my iPhone and use it in class too! I also wrote a grant and was able to get iPod Touches. My students love "playing games" on them. HAHA!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Becca said...

Thanks for the ideas. Could you someday blog about a typical, is there such a thing, day in your room. Schedule? Thanks, Fran. Your students are very fortunate. Becca

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness!!! Who would have ever thought to use the digital picture frame in your classroom? I love the idea of using it for sight words too! Thanks for the ideas!