Friday, April 29, 2011

What A Wonderful Surprise!

So today I came to school tired and happy that the week was coming to a close. The kids knocked it out of the park when they practiced their chant for the 5th graders and I can't wait to do this Monday. The afternoon slid by slowly and I was not at my best. At the end of the day my teaching partner handed me a brown envelope and I saw the name of my friend Meredith on the front. I remember thinking she was sending me some cute idea she was using in her classroom but out fellthese three things (just like the 3's in a fairytale). How cute are these flowers she did based on the post about using q-tips to paint! I am all over this for next year. However, there was more. Out came this came a note and a gift card for all that she has downloaded from the blog. Can you believe it?
I love you teaching friend for going to so much effort. This is such a busy time in our district and I am blown away but such thoughtfulness. Is it me or are most teachers the most giving people in the world? This ended up being a great day! Thanks Meredith!