Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pete Loves Crayons Just Like I Do!

Pete the Cat has another stamping activity for you.
This is perfect for kinder anda perfect review for first grade.

Target better come up with lowercase alphabet letters soon because we need them ASAP. I actually have them at school from Lakeshore that a friend gave me. I wonder where they are buried in my closet? Obviously you can differentiate (I am so tired of that word) by having students write the letter with a pencil so their hands do not make you think they have not had a bath in 3 weeks- just sayin'. If you can't find the stamps release it and go find something at the mall that costs too much. This works.Now I am merging Pete and Target. I need some help. So if you want this download grab it at my TPT store right here.  Leave me a comment just because I love hearing from you!


Katie said...

I also need help! I could not find these at our local Target. But a fellow teacher found the stamps for me just 45 minutes away!!!

Hadar said...

Fran, Michaels totally has lower case stamp letters in their dollar section! They're tiny, but they work! I know you have one near you ;)


The Youngs said...

...and the hits keep coming!! Your stamping items are great. I snapped up the Pete the Cat pack, too! Wahoo! ~Tracy

The Sherman Four said...

how do i download this? or is this a download :)

Barbara said...

I have a great idea for your next TPT project I saw the “Maps” from the post:
I love the way you do them and the variety is so awesome to keep the children engaged.
Sooooo please proceed...with MAPS.. I know it will be a best seller:) As will be anything you put out there.
I love all the great FREE stamping projects.
Fondly, B.

Rose said...

Just bought Pete the Cat Activity Pack and can't wait to use it with my kiddos. Thanks for all the free stamp Activities.

Ke'Andra said...

Another great creation! Keep them coming! You are greatly appreciated:)

Natalie said...

My Michaels had the l.c. stamps also. You might miss them though. The whole little set is about 2in x 2in and they are sitting in a little purple box. There were many different fonts to choose from. I found them by the dollar ribbon and tiny punches. Happy Searching!!
Thanks for all your fabulous creations!!

TeacherMom said...

Fran - thanks so much for ALL the great ideas and printables. I ALMOST can't wait for school to start, so that I can use these. I am so jealous that you're headed for Vegas. I was this close to going (my principal okayed it, my superintendant did not - ARGHHH!) Please share when you return!!

Ms. Helms said...

Thank you for sharing again. I love your ideas and generosity.

Jennifer said...

Hello Fran,
Thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas. I am just so excited to go back to school. I really enjoy your blog. I like the lowercase match up alphabet letters, however I do not have any alphabet stamps. So, I made a google doc of letters that students could cut and glue on the paper. If you would like I can share it with you.
Again, thanks for all of your ideas!
I am now a Pete the Cat Fan!

Anonymous said...

Fran, Last week I went to Target and found the tiny, tiny alphabet stamps but thought "this must be what Fran was talking about". I purchased 4 packs for my groups. Well today I went to Target and found the larger alphabet stamps. Now I understand why you were so excited about them. I was also able to find the number stamps today. YEAH! Thanks for all the great ideas. Keep them coming.