Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pete the Cat is Back

Are you a kindergarten teacher? Do you know about this book? If not, check my old post and listen to the song you can download by Mr. Eric, the author. It is adorable. The story is wonderful and great for the beginning of the year when you want to introduce color words. Amazon has the second book on pre-order since it is not due out until late July! I can't wait. This is one of those books the kids will learn quickly and read with you after a few times. The stuffed animal is a bit expensive unless you have a little one at home and then I say go for it. Trust me on this one.

I am working on a guided reading book right now that is a very simple version of this story. My kids could not get enough of this song and story. They begged me to write one they could read  and take home to practice. Load the song on your school ipod.  It has a super positive message for all of us to remember about being positive. Remind me to read this story after I get my class list of 31 students!  Keep walking along, singing your song...

What do you think ? I am thinking of putting this on TpT as a unit of study for the beginning of the year.I would
address the standards, scaffolding our ELL's.These need to be simple and useful to any population of kids.

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Happy 4th!


alwayslearning said...

I love the idea of a Pete the Cat unit! Thank you for the heads up on the new one coming this month! I will have to look into that! Do you currently have a Tpt store?

Miss Megan said...

I just bought Pete The Cat the other day! Love this book, the kids in the class I student taught in would sing this all day!

The Youngs said...

I LOVE my white shoes (really...I got some white Converse sandals...and they're awesome...just like you!). Thanks for the update on Pete!!

Jody said...

Thank You! What an awesome book! I am ordering this book right now! I love it!


Camp Kindergarten

tmarie said...

I can't wait to get these two books! I would def. buy a unit on these from you!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Fran Kramer said...

My friend Makda is making some more graphics for me and I will create this unit ASAP with all beginning of the year activities. I bought some on Tpt and there is no way my kids to do most of these until middle of the year. They are way too difficult.

QtJenny19 said...

I just found out about Pete the Cat a few weeks ago. I love it! Thanks for telling us about the new book. I can't wait to use it with my kiddos!

❤ Jen

Kindergarten Klassroom

Barbara said...

I saw the one you speak of(it caught my eye because of your post) and you are right...not until the middle of the year. It would be great to use this as a first story of the year...I surely would buy your unit study...I will stay tune!

Laura said...

My class loved Pete the Cat so much that we made it our end of the year play! Can't wait to see the new book and your pri table reader!

beachliesl said...

I love Pete the Cat---even though we did this in November, we decided to sing it at the end of the year for our parents! :) I actually used in November because it helped my kiddos understand the concept of being 'thankful'--something that is hard for them to grasp.

Liesl in VA

Maryann said...

Hi Fran!
I love the book "Pete The Cat" and will foward to purchasing the new one! I will definetly order from you on TPT! Anything you are selling, I will be buying! Are you going to list some of your previous creations from back in March that you did not have a free download? I hope so, expecially the MAPS! I hope you decide to sell those ideas. Also, can you recommend a book to explain the maps so I can present to my administrators before August? By the way, did you ever find the "4 section trays" that you shown on your site way back in April? I am still looking!
Many thanks and what will you be listed as on TPT?
Happy 4th of July!

kinderfort said...

I didn't know about Pete till I recently found your blog. Love it! I'd love a little book and unit to use with my kinders.

Casey Shea said...

love love love the idea of a Pete the Cat unit!!! I'm sure my kiddos would too! :) You're the best!!

Camille said...

Fran, YES! I would love to have a Pete the Cat book etc to use with my kiddos! This book is very dear to my heart. It was the first book I read to my class after I returned from grieving the sudden loss of my husband. I chose the book because I had shared the video with my husband and he LOVED it. (We have two cats so are very partial to cat things.) I read the book because Larry loved it and didn't really think about the message until I was in the midst of reading it - the book ended up setting the tone for the rest of the year. Bad things happen to us, but somehow we summon up the courage to carry on. So I guess you could say that Pete the Cat is my role model. So ... YES, YES, YES to any and everything that goes with my buddy Pete!!!

Fran Kramer said...

Send me your email address so I can send this as a gift to you with my love. I am dedicating this packet to your husband and all the cats that live in happy homes. I was going to do a giveaway but this is even better.

Cindy said...

I had not heard of Pete until your earlier post. I can't wait to share him with my Kinders in the fall. I will keep an eye out for your special Pete project.

THANKS for sharing!

Ke'Andra said...

Fran, you are awesome! Thanks for always sharing your great ideas! I purchased "Pete the Cat" on Monday from a local bookstore and I will purchase the other before school starts. Thanks for all you do!

Laura said...

Hey Fran, I am a new follower & love, love, love your stuff! I too can't get enough of Pete! I was lucky to be visiting New Orleans & met the illustrator. He is as cool as Pete! Can't wait to buy your unit!

g said...

So...the video and song are the one on YouTube, right? And, there will be a new song that is downloadable with the new book?

Camille said...

Fran, I am overwhelmed! Thank you! I have been following you for awhile and love your blog. Now I will love it even more if that is possible. I wasn't sure if my post was appropriate, but I wanted other teachers to know that Pete the Cat is really a powerful book and should be used by every teacher, everywhere.

My email address is

My husband's name: Larry Johnson

A million, zillion thank yous to you!!! Camille Johnson