Friday, May 6, 2011

Writing from the map: Describing the Raptor

I always try to make "fancy" writing paper for my students to make writing a bit more fun. We have practiced drawing our National Bird on wipe-off boards and trust me when I tell you they do a better job than the teacher. They love this part of the unit and everyone is into our new word, RAPTOR. Notice that I am providing more lines for the children who can handle this. Click here for my Friday Freebie to make you smile!


Kari said...

Thanks for the freebie Fran! I also love fun writing paper, it does seem to make a difference in some students writing. I love that the littlest things can make such a huge difference with Kindergarteners. : )

rooneyhunt said...

Thanks Fran! Your creativity is appreciated! Looking forward to using this paper.

~ Amy

Meredith said...

Fran, I am not sure what kind of moment I just OMG moment, a DUH moment or an Ahh-ha moment. Practice drawing on white boards...that's brilliant! Thanks for feeding my Kinder brain!

Susan Prabulos said...

I just found your blog and thought you might enjoy this eagle research project done with kindergartners from my blog, The Digital Scoop.