Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grab This Before the Party Starts

So, if you are a crazy person like I am you might want to grab this Table of Contents before we get the show on the road. Remember that we are opening up with my friend Deedee Wills.  Click here to grab this page.


Melissa said...

Thanks, I'm so excited for gthis to get started (especially since I don't hve the book yet!).
F is For First Grade

Kari said...

I am so excited!! I am still waiting for my book to come in the mail, but I will catch up as fast as I can! Thank you for this table of contents and for the binder cover! :)

Paige said...

Thank you! This is so helpful!

Ms. Draffkorn said...

Thanks so much!

Magnificent Multiagers!