Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm As Lucky As A Leprechaun!

Here is just a teaser of what is in this new packet. I tried to make it super fun to keep my students engaged while I am busy with assessments. These take me soooo long to do and I need activities that are mainly review so they will not come over to me with a billion questions. I also included some games for those moments when we need  a brain break (every 5 minutes) and my students demand some fun!  If you could use a packet that reviews many kinder skills check it out in my TpT store and I will also put it in my shop at Teachers Notebook. Now go have a lucky day!


Miss Taylor said...

This looks like a ton of fun! I will be downloading soon! Do you make your units in Microsoft Word to begin with?

Kristin said...

Fran! This is TOO TOO TOO cute!!!
Good luck with those pesky assessments!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Angela said...

Ahhhh......just what I need for report card assessments and unit benchmark testing!! Thanks!!

The Daily Alphabet

Meredith said...

Bought it!!

applesandabcs said...

This would be great to use for checking their understanding for report cards that are coming up!


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Looks awesome!

First Grade Blue SKies

Fran Kramer said...

Thanks for all the wonderful, encouraging comments.

Tonia said...

Your new packet looks wonderful!!!
I finally posted Kaye Espinosa reading your George Washington book.
Check it out on my blog!

Jeannie Partin said...

This looks awesome!! I love leprechauns....I also love your super cute blog! . I'd love for you to come visit me too if you like :0)

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TammySF. said...

This look amazing!! Thanks for sharing:)

mskarenkory said...

I purchased this last night and am printing as I type! I love your stuff Fran. The kids really like the valentine I have...who has number game, and last week when I had them doing the mitten addition activity from your Mitten packet, one of the kids said, "This is fun! This is like a game." I love hearing that! I'm happy you included an alphabet game in this packet. Now that we know the letters and sounds, we need to keep reviewing. Keep 'em coming! Are you going to create some subtraction activities?

mskarenkory said...

Hi Fran,

I love the activities in this packet. I took the I have...Who has... letter game to work this morning and we discovered V was missing as we played. I also noticed that the Z card is missing the border. So I am wondering if there might have been an issue while downloading. Do you have any thoughts about this?

Fran Kramer said...

I think my PDF file was corrupted so I redid this. I am so sorry for the problem. It should be fine now. I can send the file directly to you if you leave me an email. Thanks for helping me or I might not have know.

mskarenkory said...

Super! My address is

Thanks Fran!

Pingles said...

Hey Fran,

I am loving this packet. It is so perfect to have the class work on this things while I test away for report cards. I love how I can easily differentiate for the higher and lower kiddos with the lessons.

Thanks for all you do,

Becca said...

I love this packet. It looks like so much fun!

I just found your blog through Lil' Country Kindergarten. I can't wait to look around a bit.

I'd love it if you'd come over to my blogs as well. I currently have three blogs. I write a home blog (my most widely read blog), a literacy blog, and a kindergarten blog. My literacy and kindergarten blogs are fairly new, so I'd love to get the word out about them. My main website is From there, you can get to all of my blogs. I'd love any advice you have for breaking into the teaching blog world. I feel like I have a pretty good start with my home blog, but no one seems to be reading my other two. Any suggestions for me would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to help out a new teacher-blogger!