Thursday, January 12, 2012

Am I Growing A Pumpkin?

Do not fall over but this is what my pumpkin plant looks like in 2012. Can you believe it? As you show snow activities around the country we are having warm, sunny weather in southern California.I put my plant outside during winter break and I accepted the possibility that it would be dead when I came back. My partner put it near a sprinkler and now the kids are amazed by the size of  it. Remember when we could have gardens and grow things to observe in our classroom? I am going to plant this next to my classroom. Keep your fingers crossed that no one notices.This has been so much fun for my class.


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

So much fun!! (and great learning, too!)
First Grade Blue SKies

Michele said...

That is amazing!! I am so jealous, I tried this but my pumpkin became very squishy and furry one long weekend and I threw it out. When did you plant your pumpkin in a pot? I want to try again next year. Good job!!

Freckleteacher said...

That is just amazing! I can't wait to do that next year. Have fun planting it and hopefully it will be safe. Your kids will never forget it!

Eilis said...

I am jealous that you planted yours in a pot. Last year my class was so excited when the one outside our window bloomed. This year someone came and dug it out when they worked on the landscape :(.

CE said...

Fran, why can't you have gardens or grow things to observe in the classroom?
Craig from Australia