Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Batter Up!

We are trying to reorganize our room and still provide some interesting activities for our little ones. They love baseball and have heard many stories related to this theme. My kids built this tree map as a group and will practice the language of the map in a pocket chart tomorrow.Once they practice "reading" the map I will let them cut and paste the words into their own map and read it to a partner. I created an area in the midddle of the map for them to draw a baseball player in a uniform. I love using 8.5 X14 paper for this map.
Batter Up and it's time to


Alysia Battista said...

Love it! It speaks right to my Yankee fan heart. Have you ever played EveryDay math's baseball game with your students? I'm sure they'd love it.

Miss B, Busy Bee

Renee S. said...

love it, love it, love it!
would you share the template so I could use it with my mini sports unit that leads up to our track & field day?

Wintaka said...

This is so cute and perfect for this time of year. Will you be sharing the template/s.