Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Power of the Connecting Word

In my classroom we use either a tree map or bubble map and talk about connecting two ideas through the use of the word "and". The kids love doing this and reading it the pocket chart. However, I have learned my lesson since they will build a sentence and put many connecting words in and I see run-on sentences galore!
The first grade teachers would not be pleased so I have a little conversation about this!
When I first introduce the idea of a connecting word I do it through connections they can easily relate to and we talk about them. Some examples might be cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. We do a series of these and they love coming up with the second part.


Jessica said...

I love this!!!! Do you have a layout of the web and writing paper you can share??? This would be great for my kinders to have together like that. We also create some sort of graphic to organize their thoughts before they write! =) Thanks for sharing!
And if you're able to share the format... my email is!

Fran Kramer said...

This is called a bubble map and its part of the Thinking Maps organizers. I modified it for my little guys so they could have some success when writing. I run this on 8.5x14" paper and do not know how to set this up in docs.
I use microsoft publisher to create it.

HTross said...

I like the drawings you put outside the Bubble Map that provide evidence to prove Goldilocks is naughty! Such High-level thinking done is such a visual and simplified way! Outstanding!

The Peterson Family said...

My school just started using Thinking Maps this year...I love how you put "is" and "has" on the map so they kids can make a better connection to making sentences with it. I'm definitely going to be using that technique.

Fran Kramer said...

Putting those simple words on the outside builds linguistic knowledge many of our children do not have in English. It's a beautiful scaffold so they can "read" the map. This map is for adjectives and is a powerful one for building vocabulary... keep me posted on how you use the maps!

Shauna said...

You have so many fabulous ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us. I appreciate your time and talent.

Maryann said...

HI Fran!
These graphic organizers are fabulous! Any chance you could send a copy of the template? This is great to use and what a nice display!
Many thanks,

Fran Kramer said...

I am thinking of selling these on TpT but I need more kid examples for teachers to see the value of mine. I have cut and paste circle maps for sounds, and others I have adjusted for my kiddos.

marlenescholfield said...

Can you tell me how I could get a copy of your template? Do you have it out on TPT's yet? I would love to use this this summer when I am teaching fairy tales.
Marlene Scholfield

Maryann said...

Hi Fran again!
I would be happy to have the templates for the ones you have listed. If you have time to let me know when you will be selling on TPT I want to be the first one to purchase these or just one!!
Can't wait to see these on TPT!!!
Have a good evening and many thanks for all the "goodies" you post!