Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everything is Coming Up Roses

So Spring has come to my classroom. We are going to begin an author's study of Eric Carle (remember my trip to Kohl's?) and I am ready to change up my classroom. Those snowflakes are starting to fade! This is a simple game that my class never gets tired of. I am giving you a set of cards so your little ones can practice reading the numbers through 30. First, laminate the cards and cut them up. Hand them out to students as part of your morning routine. 
This is how the game is played. The first child says, "I have 1. Who has 2?" The child walks over to the pocket chart and puts the number in. The child with the #2 card says, "I have 2. Who has 3?" This goes very quickly and encourages children to pay attention so they will not miss their turn! The cards all end up in the pocket chart and the last child gets to read them all! It only takes a few minutes and hits an important standard... easy peasy.

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