Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flower Power

My kids are working on CVC words this week and I wanted to come up with something that might be more fun for them. Practicing CVC words is not exactly a blast for some of them. I was on the blog Little Literacy Learners and she had a cute idea for this with flowers and I just tweeked it for my little guys. Thank you for this push in the right direction! Check out this adorable site.

Click here for your flowers

I laminated the flowers and put them on tongue depressors so they would be easy to use. Each child will have an opportunity to pull one from the cup and read it.Here is what they look like.

During guided reading I often have them build words in these trays to give them an opportunity to practice this crucial skill.


Sandra Guntorius said...

I love the plate making words, too cute.

Fran Kramer said...

I bought the trays at Big Lots for $1.00 and when I saw the 3 sections I knew what to use them for! Now I see them in Target. The kids love building a "secret" word for me.
Thanks for leaving me a comment and I hope you follow me.

Amanda Myers said...

Darn, Target is not up here in Canada yet. I wonder if I can find them up here anywhere. I love the trays. And the flowers too. Too Cute.

Mrs. Mc said...

Thank you for your kind words and the link to my blog! I love how you put them on the tongue depressors! They look adorable! I may have to do that with mine, but where does one get tongue depressors?
~ Mrs. Mc

Linda said...

I wish my PreK kids could transition into your kindergarten class! They would love it!
You are one amazing teacher. You just get better and better!!!

Stephanie said...

I love your idea for the plates! I am going to use this for word work during guided reading...once I find some plates :)



paul said...

Online flowers
.. I like your ideas..

paul said...

Online flowers
...I like this blog..

Shauna said...

I love the flower printable. Thanks so much! I am excited to use it with my little kindergartner. And, the tray idea is so much fun as well. Congratulations on having 100 followers! I am a new follwer and I look forward to being inspired by your blog.
Take care,

Sarah Stoll said...

Great idea!

Maryann said...

Hi Fran!
I continue to follow you! What an amazing site! You are incredible! I love the CVC "trays" ideas. Arer the letter cards from a particular company. I would like to use these. The font looks great. Keep up the great work and thanks for the CVC worksheets!
Have a sunny day!

Julie said...

LOVE the trays!! Great idea! And, love your blog!

KeAndra said...

I love your website. You have such great ideas! I am a second year teacher and you are giving me ideas to take back to my classroom. I too, purchased the 3 section plates but didn't know what exactly I was going to due with them. Your idea is excellent! I found my plates at a local Dollar General. Wal-Mart has them. Keep sharing:)

Luella said...

Where did you get your flower graphics for the cvc flowers? thanks

ccobb23 said...

Here's an idea:
Put the flowers in a pocket chart.
Hide a 'bee' behind a flower.
Where, where is the bee?
Let's read a word
then look and see!

or something like that..

laura said...

hi fran,
i have had my trays for several years and have used them for math adding/subtracting-just turn it upside, thanks to you, i have a new way to use them during the day.

Miss Chelsey said...

I love these flowers! They are not only adorable, but great practice for CVC words! Thanks for sharing them :)


learningmyself said...

thanks so much for great ideas! I need to start looking for the trays... <3

KinderKapers said...

I need to get me some of these!!

Terri Izatt

FUNtastic SIMON said...

I like the idea of flowers. Great activity for little learners. Thank you for sharing.

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