Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Wipe Your Feet On These Mats

Click here for your mats!

Here are some mats to run off and laminate. I use these for word work in guided reading and the children practice writing the first, middle, and last sound. Then we blend all our sounds together to unlock a word. The arrow is a visual to help them understand the sequence of the sounds and the idea of "sliding" them together!
This can also be used for independent work and you might have a baggie of pictures and a recording sheet for each student. Are you getting tired of cvc work... Some of my students really struggle with blending.
I would love to hear  your ideas. Please leave a comment.


Chrissy said...

Hi, Fran! Our school uses the K5Beginnings program for phonics. We just finished long vowels and have begun vowel pairings. This program has characters to reinforce the letter-sound relationships: Miss Long is paired with Miss Silent, etc. The characters are cute and the students talk about them when we do word studies.

But, I have a couple of students who need to keep reinforcing the CVC concept. Thank you for sharing the sliding mat! I am grateful for any new idea that can keep the concept fresh and interactive!


jerigavic said...

Hello Fran,
Love your blog and all of your great ideas. Can't wait until they are available for sale. I do have trouble with some of your wonderful free things. They often download and print without the words. Am I dong something wrong? You really do amaze me....I have been teaching as long as you....and I have no idea how to do all of this cool stuff!!! Congratulations and continued good luck!

dthiess_7 said...

Love your blending mats! I'm going to really be able to use those this next year. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

Mrs.Voss said...

I am having difficulty downloading the math mats and blending mat. Are they no longer available? :( Somehow I missed these and would love to have them! What am I doing wrong?


Miss Michele said...

Thanks for the blending mats, I really like these! I am always looking for good blending ideas. The teacher I work with and I made "Secret Words" where we wrote a cvc word on an index card and put it in a library pocket, then you slowly pull the index card out revealing one letter at a time and have the children blend the sounds to guess the word (I think Lakeshore sells something now that is called Word Detectives that is similar). The kids think they are so smart when they guess the word correctly:)

Ms. Cheri said...

Dearest Fran,

I love your blog and have downloaded many of your freebies - you are so generous! I have also bought some of your packets over at TPT. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I am so inspired by seeing what others are doing. I can't imagine how much time it takes and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do.

Heather's Heart said...

Hi Fran! I love your blog and stalk it daily!

I teach 1st graders who often come to me not knowing the majority of their sounds. We learn all about Stretchy Snake. I tape sound boxes on the rug and the kiddos hop out the word as they say the sounds. Finally, they hop out and say the word. They still use it daily and it is so stinkin' cute watching them hop it out!

The other thing we do which my boys love are Sound Racers. I bought toy cars and printed cvc and ccvc cards. The picture is in the last box but has a flap over it secured by a paper clip. They drive the car over the boxes to sound out the word. The faster they drive the faster they blend. They then say the word and lift up the flap to check their answer.

There are *freebies* to go with both activities! =)

I would love for you to visit me and see all of my other *freebies*! I have TONS and TONS! =)

Heather's Heart