Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abby over  at the Inspired Apple is having a linky party and I am jazzed to hook up and give my take on this topic. If you don't know this site get on it and look around. She is so talented and creative. Now go...

You know you are a kindergarten teacher when...

 -a student hugs you and gets caught up in the moment and calls you Mom!

-you can't wait to get to the dollar spots in Target to make your next great purchase with a parent gift card

-you are on vacation in another state and you insist on stopping at the local Dollar Tree.

-your ipod is full of songs by Dr. Jean, Raffi, and Jack Hartmann and you  know them all by heart.

-you tell your friend to "kiss her brain" when she has a great idea.

-you stalk Office Maxx or Staples in August for their super teacher specials. You beg strangers to buy supplies for you.

-you buy tons of notebooks for 10cents just in case you might need them in the future.

-you know a teacher is retiring and you beg her for her stuff even if your room is exploding!

-you find yourself buying Barbie and Sponge Bob band-aids.

-you cruise the aisles of the grocery store for snacks beginning with a special letter.

-your walls are full of love notes and drawings your students have made for you

-you would rather help a struggling teacher than call it a day at 6:00.

-glue sticks on sale make you jump up and down.

-kids in first grade scream hello to you in the morning, jealous that they are no longer in kinder.

-when your tables are filthy from art projects, play-doh is all over the floor, and you have glitter in your hair.

-you wear that horrid piece of jewelry just so a child will feel special.

-a student tells you that you remind them of their grandma ( who is 20 years younger than you are)

-you go out with another couple on the weekend and only want to talk about your class.

a fresh box of crayons puts a smile on your face.

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Grace Prowse said...

I LOVE this list! It is totally me. I am so glad to share this with my husband so he knows I am not the only one with odd quirks and obsessions!