Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who likes scrambled eggs?

Who likes scrambled eggs? Well inside of these containers are scrambled letters. Students put them together on these mini mats to make words. Yes, I put a line under letters that they tend to rotate (yup, happens in my room all the time). I made the vowels red so you can remind them that every word needs a helping letter. I have tons of mats and letters in this mini kit. I even give you labels for your baskets. There are response sheets to check if the little sweeties really understood this or just played with the containers. So you can't find the containers and you have been to a jillion Dollar Tree stores? Stop whining and use large plastic eggs. The ones at JoAnn's Fabric and Craft Store are fabulous. When you open them up there is a little strip of plastic that keeps them connected. Sheer genius to say the least. Now go have some fun today. Oh yeah, TpT is still running a fever and I cannot post this yet. So now it is time to go to Teachers Notebook and show them some love right here.


Mrs. Vander Wilt said...

These are awesome. But I went to my Dollar Tree store and they did not have those awesome eggs. I am may have to go on a egg hunt. :)

Mrs. McKown said...

So cute! I did the same thing with high frequency words today in the chick containers. I love the bunny containers! Those are too cute!
❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

mskarenkory said...

I LOVE these minis! I'm printing them as I type. My husband and I will laminate and cut this week (we're on vacation!) and I'll use them for stations when we go back. Can't wait!