Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do you like scrambled eggs?

I am working on activities to go in these adorable containers but they are not holiday based. I cannot do that at the school I work at. These are just cute mini sized activities that can be held in this long skinny container. I think the kids will love changing it up a bit and for those of you who have young children any kind of plastic egg can be used or just baggies with cute images on them. Don't knock yourself out looking for these... seriously. I bought the green containers and the plastic bunnies, carrots, and chicks at the Dollar Tree. If you don't have one just use plastic eggs in a basket. I loved that they stand up! The come three to a package for one dollar. What the kids will love in the mini sized activities and mats.


applesandabcs said...

I love these containers!


Pingles said...

Fran, I just left my second Dollar Tree and no luck. If you find that you have eggstra and need to get rid of them I will be more than happy to buy them off of you. I shall keep searching other stores as well. They are so cute.

Thanks Pat I, Greenville

Ps I am trying really hard not to go into school but I should just to clean/organize a bit