Monday, April 23, 2012

Scissors, Sorting, and Silly Riddles

Young children love riddles and this is a format that you should try if you've never used it.They also need to learn how to ask and answer questions.Often ELL's struggle with this skill so it needs to be practiced.
Yup. We are still working on scissor skills. We are still trying to sort fruits and vegetables and we still need practice with color words. So this little guided reader hits all of this with some vocabulary to boot. I updated this from previous years, hoping the kids would like the riddle format.I am hoping they love figuring out the clues and doing some deductive reasoning. This really addresses the CCSS.


Heather's Heart said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have a Firstie who is Edward Scissorhands' little brother....and we cut and use scissors daily! =)

This looks cute! My kiddos love riddles and I use them as much as I can because my kiddos love solving them and writing them!

Heather's Heart

Annie Moffatt said...

This looks super cute Fran...just like everything you do!

Maryann said...

HI Fran!
What a great idea! I love this type of booklet. Riddles are great for kids!
I hope you have this on TPT for sslae along with the other great ideas you have posted.
Thanks so much for you r willingness to share great ideas!
Thanks and take care!

Terry said...

This is very cute and educationally sound. My students need more scissor activities. The riddles make them use their knowledge.
Will you post this?

Mrs. Glennon's Beach Buddies said...

This looks awesome!! Where can I find it? Do you have it on TPT?
Keep up the great work!!

Ms. Lopez said...

Hey Fran,
How about a plant mini-unit? The activities you posted last year and this year are great! In your "spare time"? heehee!

Coloring Outside The Lines

Cindy said...

Love this book! I am sure your kids will love it! And yes, I have a few that STILL need help with scissors too!
LOL on the comment above about Edward Scissorshands' jr. ;-)

Ms. Sangeorzan said...

I love this idea! I didn't see it on TPT - any plans to make it available? Thanks for all of your great ideas!


sas19621 said...

Hi Fran , I love this idea and all of your other wonderful ideas. You are a constant source of practical ideas to me. Can I please clarify what you mean on your blog copyright statement, firstly by saying that you one hundred percent should be entitled to protection for your ideas , resources etc. You say that you do not want ideas on your blog to be reposted, by this do you mean that you don't want us to pin any of the things on your blog to Pinterest.
I wanted to clarify with you before I pin things,
Thanks again for ongoing teaching inspiration that your blog provides me.

Kreative in Kinder said...

Fran! I LOVE this! How are you? I feel like we haven't "chatted" in forever. :) Summer is coming...whoo hoo! Did I tell you that I decided to go to I Teach K? I can't wait!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! You are an awesome teacher! Thanks so much for your willingness to share your ideas. I hope to hind this on TpT soon! We are out of school May 16 and I would love to do it before then.

Good luck with your new adventure if you get it! I am in the process of changing jobs and the interviews are the most exhausting things ever!!!