Monday, April 9, 2012

Collaboration or Aggravation?

I busted out these new centers today thinking that the kids needed to be eased back into the routine of school. Maybe I was the one that needed to take it slowly. They loved the containers and the activities inside of them.
I set it up so that students had to work with a partner (yes Common Core is knocking at my door) and I watched them interact with each other. Some of them grabbed all the letters and tried to totally control the activity. Others, (mostly boys) were totally content to sit back and let their female partner take over. LIFE NEVER CHANGES. They were fine with someone else doing all the thinking. They did not take into account that I was controlling the situation and forced them encouraged them to collaborate. This is challenging in the kindergarten world- right? It's all about "I got it first!" We will do this activities like this. I wish I had filmed them. If you want a set because you feel a little overwhelmed coming back from break they are in my TpT store. If you are just starting your break stop gloating. 


smorss99 said...

Oh Fran, you just described my day!

I watched boys walk over to girls working and when I asked "Where are you going?" They replied very matter of fact, "The girls at the green table have all the answers, we'll just let them help us."

Traci said...

**this is me...gloating...sorry!***

It's so funny how content those boys are to sit back and let the little ladies take over. Starts so young! :D

Awesome and cute center.
Dragonflies in First

Fran Kramer said...

OMG Traci,
Such a mean girl! Love you in spite of your happiness. Have a great time on your break.

Kristin said...

Loving how life never changes! Too funny!
Thanks for having my back, Fran!!!! :) My teammates tell me I'm safe and it won't be me . . . I am the "senior" one on the team. HA!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

beachliesl said...

Fran, just keep in mind that all of us "gloaters" had to suffer through all of the posts from last week. Everyone and their brother was talking about how AMAZING being on spring break felt! LOL Add to that the fact that our kiddos were EXTRA squirrelly because Easter was get the picture! :)

Liesl in VA

Ms. Jessica said...

The first day back is always the worst, but this activity is so adorable! Even if some students weren't giving it there all, I'm sure the ones who were fully enjoyed it!
A Turn to Learn

Freckleteacher said...

Hi Fran! I am sorry that I have to gloat justa tiny bit...I am finally on Spring Break! It is surely needed for me to recharge and be ready for a busy year end. Thanks for the great "mini" activities too! Now I will have time to make them.
I wish that I could have gone to the Blog Meet up in Irvine this last weekend. It looked amazing and fun! You looked so HAPPY to be with all of your bloggy friends!
I'm still thinking seriously about coming to see you in Vegas!!! How much fun that will be to see you and some of the others in VEGAS!!!!
Hope day 2 back with your cuties goes well!

applesandabcs said...

I am just starting my break (little gloat). But what am I doing?...oh, sitting in font of my computer trying to make my first unit... I CAN'T STOP!!!

These centers are so cute! I totally know the "I got it first" to change that??? I'm not sure it changes as we get older, we just learn not to grab the puzzle pieces out from each other's hands... I did feel like doing that though when you handed out those "hey girl" pictures...I made sure to get Ryan!!

Apples and ABC's

mskarenkory said...

We just finished stickering and laminating mine. Now I have the rest of the vacation to cut them out. I enjoyed reading about how it went in your classroom and I can't wait to use them in mine!

mskarenkory said...

One question: I'm assuming you did the activity in a small group setting? How many sets did you create?

Heather's Heart said...

Ha! Too funny!

When we do Word Study, my kiddos have a Brain Buddy. Little do they know all of the plotting that goes in to pairing them up! =)

We also talk a lot about letting someone cheat your brain. My girls will say to the lazy friend, "I notice you just sitting there and waiting for me to do it for you. You need to snap on your thinking cap and get to it!"

Come check out my sound boxes if you get the chance. My kiddos use it all of the time to hop (Stretchy Snake) out words. I have a *freebie* to go with it! =)

Heather's Heart

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

So GREAT to meet you Fran! We have not stopped smiling since and are so grateful for your words of encouragement! Your blog is amazing and your ideas are

Welcome back...I think? No gloating here...we're right there with ya!

εїз Christy & Tammy εїз