Sunday, April 15, 2012

If Pete Comes They Will Write... Maybe!

How cute is this dictionary of words? I think my students will love having these to help them with their writing. I can just slide them into page protectors and make a few sets for them to share. These will help them be more independent with their writing. The" build a sentence" is a big favorite in my room too. This is a perfect scaffold to practice sentence structure. We have already done lots of guided drawing making plants, flowers and trees. Now we need to grow some things in our classroom. This will make my partner sneeze- poor thing! I might post this later in Teachers Notebook cause I am no one's favorite:(. This gorgeous artwork was drawn by my friend Makda. 


Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Love this! Pete the cat is a favorite of everyone I think! LOL

Tonia said...

Great plant ideas. Will you have a whole unit on plants?

Jackie said...

This looks so kiddos will love this. I use your ideas all the time, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see it in the shop, I love TN.

I also would like to know if you plan a unit on plants?

Kristin said...

These look fantastic! Love the graphics!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Hadar said...

Haha! Stop your whining! Your TN shop is favorite of mine :)


Cindy said...

This looks great. Your shop is one of my favs. Has been for forever. ;)

Wintaka said...

Please do post on either TpT or Teacher's Notebook. Your creations are superb!
p.s. Makda is an excellent artist.

Kayla Heyboer said...

I love using these for "read the room" during our Reading Block! :)

Kristin Young said...

You made Pete a gardener! Bah haha!! Love it.

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Heidi Butkus said...

Thank you so much for the Tops and Bottoms freebie, Fran!!! Love it!
Heidi Butkus

Freckleteacher said...

I LOVE all of your things Fran! I just prefer TpT to TN. Much easier for me to use I guess. Looks really great!

Fran Kramer said...

I love you all for the comments and Hadar you are so right!
I will post more freebies soon- pinky promise!

Jen said...

Who doesn't love Pete?! This is so cute!


Jen's Kinder Kids

Traci said...

Haha.. Fran.... If Pete comes, they will write... cute!

I love these. I use page protectors on a lot of my stuff in my room, too... no sense in wasting paper!

The art work is really nice.

We do have similar simplistic {in a good way!} styles! :D
Dragonflies in First

Ms. Lopez said...

Oh please, please make a plant unit! We are just beginning our spring theme and plant unit and I would love to use these activities!!!!

Coloring Outside The Lines