Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take A Look At This Folded Book

My kids LOVE these little folded books and I am giving them this little one on Monday. It is very simple and I am hoping they can fill it in with very little effort. It can even serve as a quick and easy assessment for me  and they might "think" it is fun! KISS: Keep It Super Simple... right?
I can't spend too much time on this because we are heading for a unit on Patriotism. I love those pacing guides!!! Hummm , the flag and plants. How can I blend those together? Just kidding.


applesandabcs said...

Flag and plants: they both move in the wind??


Apples and ABC's

Fran Kramer said...

OMG Michelle,
You are a wildly creative person!
LOL, Fran

Mrs. McKown said...

VERY cute book! Love it!
You could plant your own seeds and then get those little toothpick flags to stick in the soil. LOL!
❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Mrs. Plum said...

Do an investigation with the kids to see how plants soak up water -- dye white carnations red, white, and blue! :) It'd make for a really neat experiment with them.

Terry said...

Love the book. We just planted our seeds.

Stenslv said...

Hope you put this unit on TPT before our plant unit is over --- I would love to use these activities!

Mrs. Glennon's Beach Buddies said...

Just wondering where I would be able to find it!