Friday, June 29, 2012

Tags for your bags and technology

Tags add a little personal style to your bags and are a great way to mark your technology so no one walks off with it by mistake. I did a Special Education presentation with about five other speakers a few years ago. We all had district computers that looked exactly the same. I watched a presenter finish and pack up  the computer she thought belonged to her. However, it was the wrong laptop and this could have ended up being a real disaster. Our curriculum specialist was going on next and was in charge of about 5 hours of training. We caught the mistake just before she walked out the door to go home. Lesson learned: LABEL YOUR STUFF! We label everything possible in the classroom but sometimes forget to do this for our personal things. Ipads  and cell phones all look alike now and can easily be picked up by the wrong owner. When you turn my iphone on my name shows up immediately , not to mention that my case looks like my blog button! (gift from the proud husband). Technology is the best thing since peanut butter but try not to lose it in a crowd. Here are a set of tags to get you stylin'...


Teresa said...

Hi Fran- docs is saying error 404 not found- just sent something else there from another site- could you check please? Thanks

Sarah Adams said...

I tried to click for the google docs, but it said that the page is not found! I would love to download your pretty labels! Just thought I'd let you know.

Miss A's Kindergarten

Fran Kramer said...

Sorry about that. I fixed it and it should work like a charm!

Janine said...

Thanks for keepin us stylin! I love them and will definitely be using them!

Faithful in First

Olivia Cason said...

Hi! I've passed on The Lovely Blog Award to you. Please visit my blog to pick it up: Liv to Teach

Sarah said...

Thank you for these!!!

The Eager Teacher Blog