Friday, June 22, 2012

Making a Case for iPad Protection

What kind of cases did your school buy to protect their ipads? Sometimes five year olds can be a bit impulsive(that's an understatement) and an ipad might hit the floor. What kind of case do you recommend? When I go on the internet there are millions of possibilities but I wonder which is the cheapest and best? Some brands do not support the latest and greatest ipad so you have to purchase with care. I will have to ask our tech guy what he purchased for the Transitional Kindergarten kids to use. What case has worked well in your room?
I would never purchase something this expensive without asking classroom teachers who use them all day. Seriously, teachers should be in charge of the world. We get it.
Thanks for all the great comments you have written. I really appreciate you jumping in and joining this study. We need to make thoughtful decisions for our students.


Annie Moffatt said...

Wow! I LOVE the Big Grips iPad Case and I think we need that for the Moffatt Elementary school;)

Across the Hall said...

I'm interested to see what everyone says. I was lucky enough to get an ipad through Donor's Choose, but purchasing the case is on me.

Oh, and yes, teachers should definitely run the world.

Across the Hall in 2nd

applesandabcs said...

I don't know which one works the best, but I love the one with the arms and legs! haha

TheJobBoys said...

I would use the speck iguy case, its so cute for the kiddos.
Thanks for sharing

The Kinder Garden said...

Our music teacher received 3 ipads through a grant and she uses the "big grips" ipad case. My kinders used them for about half the year and they worked great!


Caitlin said...

I use a trident kraken case that I purchased on Amazon for a little less than $30. I love it and it has a screen protector built in which is a definite plus in a special Ed classroom.


April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

This was a hard decision for me when I had to buy some covers last year. I wanted good ones that would make the ipads last forever. I searched and searched for great ones. I bought Switcheasy Cara. I like how they have a cover and the corners are covered. I love this one. It is nice and slim. I bought two of them but I accidently bought one for the ipad 1 and not the ipad 2. So I have one for the ipad 2 and one for the ipad 1. I love this one though. It looks great too. Then my son received an ipad so we decided to try the Griffin Survivor Case. I wanted one right away and this one was at Best Buy. It has been perfect for my 3 year old. He has dropped it numerous times and it is fine.(thank goodness)


Cindy said...

We got nothing as fancy as all of these. I wanted a couple of things...I wanted the screen protector for sure. (The clear plastic-like cover to keep sneezes and other "wet" things off the actual iPad glass). And a cover that could double as a "stand" (much like the standard Apple cover) and one that put the iPad to sleep as soon as you close it.
The ones I have (and for the life of me I can't think of the name but they were not "special" for little hands) are durable enough. I NEVER had the kids drop a single iPad. Not ONCE! They knew they were to be used at the table and no one ever walked around with it. They were AMAZINGLY respectful of the devices. Also, HEADPHONES are a MUST!! They wouldn't have been able to hear the iPad with the other 29 kids working and playing in the room. We also used photos on the screen saver to indicate which were to be for K, 1st and 2nd. That way as soon as you turned it on, you knew which grade level's iPad you were on. Another thing to keep in mind...if you register them under ONE account, then you only need to purchase the App once....the Cloud will move them to the other iPads! I'm sure this is more than you were looking for...sorry....but you know Technology gets me excited! ;-)
Oh and remember those ADORABLE Dr. Seuss bags we all got last year at Target? Those are the bags we use to transport them from room to room when necessary. They fit PERFECT! OK...I'm done! ;-)

Fran Kramer said...

OMG Cindy,
I am ready to fly to Chicago and move into your house for a week to get some hands-on training. I am not even kidding. You have so much knowledge.

Freckleteacher said...

Keep sharing Cindy and Fran! The rest of us love hearing this conversation and we are learning lots!

Sarah said...

I had two boys within my Gen Ed Classroom that used iPads as a communication device and then I had my own personal iPad that I brought in for students to use to "up" the nubers (wont be so lucky come fall)

The boys had the best case ever...I will it was not as cute as some of them not as big as the Big Gripes (altho the rep threw my iPad on the floor and it bounced (so did my heart)), I am not sure in my classroom that we would have ever used the stand as nice as it seems.

The students had a slimmer pad, w a rimmed handle all the way around it! I will txt our SLP in the morning she was the one that found it! It was nice for the kids b/c it hand a handle on all sides to hold & carry. Almost never was dropped b/c of that!

Good Luck! Such a choice! I would love to have a few iPads in my room, but so far they are all going to the SpedEd department.

Happy Shopping, I will be back w/ the name of that foam protection it bugs me to NO end that I can NOT remember!!


Mommyof3_MS said...

We have the Griffin Survivor Case on our iPad 2. My 1 & 3 year olds drop it several times a day and it's still in perfect shape. I highly recommend it.

Melissa said...

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