Sunday, June 24, 2012

Emerging From the Heat of Summer Slide

This is now finished and available for you in two places. I like this reader because students can add a few sight words to their text and practice reading action words. They also get additional  practice with words ending in "ing". Beat the heat and add this to the other emergent readers I've created for some summer reading practice. Click on either store to purchase this for 4.00. It even comes with a student pointer to make it more fun. Have a ball reading!


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TammySF. said...

Your Readers are adorable!! Nice Job!!
I wanted to invite you over to my site! I've got some great resources that I just posted and I know you would love to have them for your little ones....there's going to be a giveaway EVERY Day for the next 5 days!! WooHoo!!

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