Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY: Tag... You're It!

So the daughters bought me this gorgeous leather, computer bag for the big birthday I had this year and I took the wrapper off two seconds ago to get ready for Vegas. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The design is so well thought out. I also took out the new laptop Dr. Crayons bought for the same birthday and I am wondering if he picked it because it's a dark purple and I love that color! Nah, men don't think that way. Anyhow I decided to make tags for all of this so I can tell it from the rest of the world's technology. This is such a simple thing to do and soon I was making it for my luggage too. These tags take minutes to create and I personalized it with my blog button. Cute huh? I ran it on high gloss photo paper (Costco brand) and punched a hole at the top and attached it with ribbon. Easy-peasey and it took no time to slam it together. You can get creative and use all that great clip art you HAD to have.
So if you're coming to Vegas I'll be the lady with all the labels (just in case I get lost!). I can't wait to meet you!


ccobb23 said...

Those tags are adorable! What a great idea! Our school is getting all the teachers ipads next year...I think I will have to make myself a pretty tag for it now! :) Did you tape it to the laptop?
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Jennifer Tilton said...

That is so clever!

Jessica Stanford said...

Love these!! What a great idea!

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class
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Jackie said...

What I like best about your bag is that it is bright pink inside. I can't tell you how many times I can't find my phone or anything else that is black in my purse because the inside is black. Love the label too!

Traci said...

That bag is VERY cute. Love your tags.
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Lisa R. said...

I love those tags that you whipped up! Great idea!
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jodie said...

Love your tags. What brand of computer bag is that? It's upper cute? Jodie