Thursday, June 21, 2012

Digital Divas: Any Great Apps?

I am just starting this book now and am loving it so much. If you are a primary teacher who wants to incorporate
more technology in your classroom in a developmentally appropriate way, this is a book that might be interesting. I am helping to set up a transitional kindergarten program in my district so this is a big concern for me since we will be getting i pads in the classrooms. Teachers will need to be trained on using these effectively with children and apps needed to be evaluated with care. Any great apps that you love for your students? I need to talk to my friend Cindy from the blog In the Teacher's Lounge so she can help guide my thinking! She looks at apps through a kindergarten teacher's lens. She even found an app for Pete the Cat!
What I'm thinking:
We will need to have specific rules for students to use these so they will survive the year!
Teachers will need to model appropriate use and introduce apps systematically
Kids will work with partners to use these
Teachers will need training since apps are being loaded on these for their use too!
This is new and exciting territory for me. I have an ipad and I love it with all my heart (seriously) so I am ready to build on what I already know.
If you are interested in reading along with others you can click here and follow the links to each teacher hosting a chapter. If you are learning about CCSS this is an important read. Technology will help prepare our students for 21st century learning. If you have any app suggestions bring it on!


Kim and Kelly said...

As a lover of technology, I am very interested in this. I am going to look into it next. We are your newest followers. Check us out if you can. :) We are always open to suggestions and advice. :)

applesandabcs said...

I want to jump on this app train! We just got ipads for the teachers at our school, and I want to learn more on how to use it in my kinder class!! :)


Freckleteacher said...

Hi Fran! I brought my personal ipad into the classroom this year and used in in several ways. I wish I had several for my students though. I will look into this book for sure. My class really loved Montessori Crosswords and anything from that company and also Teach me Kindergarten. I really liked that one because each student can be added and it keeps track of their progress. I also used it whole class as review and a great transition tool. It was awesome to have the ipad for quickly looking up something and of course for Pete The Cat songs and videos! Good luck with this exciting topic!

Sneaker Teacher said...

We are getting iPads for all of our Kinders next year through a district grant. I will definitely get this book to read over the summer. We are looking for some great apps as well. Let me know what you find!!

Mrs. Wagner said...

This looks like a great resource! Thanks for telling me about it! I have also started a weekly post on my blog. Each Friday I talk about some of my favorite FREE apps!! I would love for you to check it out!

Kindergarten Is A Jungle

Cindy said...

Hi Fran,
Just saw your post and clicked over and got the book. I am happy to share with you how it worked for me in my classroom. We had access to 6 iPads and the kids worked on them individually, not in pairs. (Less opportunity for dropping when it didn't have to pass between two sets of hands). We have some great apps. I'll gather a list of some of them...I feel a post of my own coming up! ;-)
Thanks for the tip on the book study. I may be a tad behind because I ordered it today. ;-)

Fran Kramer said...

I was hoping you would see this post and help me make some important decisions about apps. I really value your opinion. Thanks for responding so fast!

Sandy said...

Hi Fran! I am so excited to get in on this book discussion! Tomorrow is our last day of school so I am looking forward to having more time to read this! My 2nd graders have used iPod touches all year, and next year we will all have iPads for the kids. I am so excited and have found that it is not necessarily the app, but more what the students can do with them. Backwards mapping has been helpful too- rather than creating a lesson around an app, starting with the lesson in mind and then finding a project that will fit it. I've also found that some of the most successful lessons have incorporated many apps or programs. I am so excited to participate In this discussion! Here is the link to an amazing tech blog done by my very tech savy teaching partner! Check it out if you get a chance- there are some amazing resources here! :)

Vanessa Levin said...

Hi Fran! Thanks for joining us in the Teaching in the Digital Age book study! I'm an iPad junkie too. I have a weekly video series titled What's App Wednesday where I review children's apps for the iPad. My favorites so far have been Touch and Write and Felt Board but there are so many others I can't wait to check out. I hope you will add your Digital Age posts to the linky so others can benefit from your great ideas. Our twitter hashtag is #digitalage

Kate said...

Hi Fran,
Although I don't have iPads in my classroom yet, my 5 year old loves the Park Math HD app. It has a math focus with sorting,counting,addition, subtraction and ordering and more. I think it's great!

Karen @ PreKinders said...

Glad you're joining the book study! For teachers, Evernote is great, because you can type notes while working & observing children, then sync them to your computer later. For children, I like interactive books the best, and I like the Kidztory apps.

Fran Kramer said...

Thank you for those suggestions Karen.
I really appreciate your insights.

Mrs. Cook said...

I've never heard of this book but I think it will be next on my PD summer reads!

It's sad to say but my school is still using good ol' blackboards and chalk for teaching. Upgrades should come within the next year!

Thanks for the info!

~Kristin Cook
Kristin Cook’s Classroom Blog

Terry said...

I just went online to Amazon to buy the book and the shipping says 1-3 months. Yikes... I'll be way behind in the book study. Where else should I look for the book? We don't have ipads, but I want to try a donors choose grant. Maybe I'll get lucky.