Thursday, February 17, 2011

What We Worked On Today

     Penguin Tree Map Work  

This is an example of a student tree map where they must cut and paste the text under the appropriate branch. The box at the bottom is where they can draw a picture of a penguin doing something provided on the map

Here is the student map that I modeled so they could do this activity successfully. Notice that the words are color coded to match the large map that was created by the whole class.

Many of the children were able to do this activity but some struggled and maybe I need to differentiate my instruction by giving some fewer choices to cut and paste.

Tomorrow I will practice reading the map again, using a linguistic pattern such as: A penguin can _______, and lead them to writing a sentence independently. We can start out by writing on wipeoff boards.

Several days later we did the following activity:

 I made this little book so the children would have an opportunity to use their tree map and build simple "has", "can", and "likes" sentences. Once this was completed they shared it with a partner.

I encouraged my students to add an appropriate setting to each page of their little book and emphasis is placed on having  the picture match their words.

Here are some examples of their completed work.


Wintaka said...

Do you either sell your Penguin materials or post them for downloading?
I really would love to do them next year.

alwayslearning said...

Do you have a penguin pack that these came from?

Brenda said...

Did you share these penguin activities/lessons or do you have them compiled in a package? I would love a copy of these...they are not just "worksheets", but meaningful! Once again, job well done!