Monday, February 14, 2011

The 100th Day of Kindergarten is Almost Here!

So the 100th day is almost here and I decided to make cookies to give out as a special treat for my kindersI thought it would take a few hours and it took me most of the day! I would never have finished but my daughter and my good friend came to my rescue. I even taught my husband how to flood a cookie and he did the best job! I guess I shouldn't be that surprised since he is a dentist. My daughter was super creative when it came to decorating. So I used a lowercase l and o and push the dough together to make 100 and I think it worked pretty well. I thought party hats would be fun too. See what you think.


These are the cookie cutters I used to make the 100. I pushed the circle into an oval and it worked. The yellow cap was to put the hole in the middle.
Here are the pieces I used to put the cookie together and I tried to make it nice and smooth on the edges.
This is what they looked like coming out of the oven ready to ice.

This is the final result. Not too bad for a novice. I think the kids will adore them and I had a great time but this is a lot of work!


Lisa said...

these cookies are great!

Jess Sheffield said...

Do you need a food handler's permit where you live? Where I live everything has to be store bought. Otherwise I would totally look into doing this. Cute idea.

Hadar said...

omg!!! these are adorable!!!!!!!