Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Activities for 100th Day Celebration

We celebrated 100 days of school today and the children were filled with excitement as they greeted me at the door. I had them count to 100 and talked about the centers I had set up for this special day. Many of the parents came to help and did a wonderful job. We ended the day with a special cookie that we ate outside and everyone went home tired but happy.
So here is the fruit loop necklace we all do but I changed it up with a tag where they could write their name.
Cute, huh?
This is a picture of the tag I hooked on to the necklace.
I never want to smell fruit loops again!

I made a little book for the literacy center where each student had to draw 10 things on each page until they got to 100!
Here is what the pages look like. This will take several days to complete and color.


All the places you love said...

What are you using for a needle with your fruit loop necklace? I've always used a rolled up piece of tape and hate it.

Pingles said...

Good morning! Did you ever post this book for download? Bi love it and thought it would be fun for next week.

Terri said...

I use plastic lacing (gimp the stuff for boondoggle), not sure it's official name. It's stiff enough to easily pass through those fruit loop holes. Just be sure you tie them tight.