Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sight Words Can Be Fun

So here is a game we played today that I created for the 100th day of kindergarten.  The children still enjoy it and it's a great way to review our sight words. Behind one of these cards is a 100 and everone wants to find it. However, we do not take the cards out of the chart so you have to remember which ones were already read. Sneaky, huh? This is becoming an opening routine!

Who has sight word games they love that are fast and fun?


krazykindergarten said...

There are quite a few silly things that I do during our whole group game time that the kids love. One of their favorites requires a cheap basketball hoop and foam ball. I added magnets to the back of the hoop to attached to my magnetic white board. I put masking tape on the carpet...for the free throw line. If a child can read the sight word, he/she can go to the free throw line and see if he/she can make a basket. After we have done this a few times, I divide the kids into teams and we keep score. They just LOVE it!!!

KdgKelly said...

love this easy idea! will definitely make this up for my students!

Mrs. Glennon's Beach Buddies said...

I was just wondering if you had this game somewhere for us followers! Would love a copy! It looks awesome!!