Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sales and Kindergarten Tales

Wow, the sales on TpT were  crazy last week. I could not believe how much people purchased. They took advantage of all the packets bloggers had created. I appreciate every one of you and the items that you bought. But, with that being said, you also went to the trouble of leaving such kind and thoughtful comments and I promise you that I read every single one of them. It was such fun for me and made me realize what a wonderful community has been created by all of us who spend hours creating these units in the hopes that it will make learning so much more interesting and valuable for our kids.There is so much talent out on the internet that I would not dream of purchasing anything from a store. No way. Bloggers are so much better at creating interactive and creative materials. I just told my upper grade teachers about  TpT and most of them have never even looked for stuff... That is about to change. Okay, so they will hate me for spending all their money for them. What can I say?
If you never made it to the sale these are still available in TpT and Teachers Notebook. I think you will enjoy using them with your students.
One of my 5th grade teachers has a son in kindergarten. She told me she purchased the Winter Warm-Ups to Make Your Room Cozy packet, ran it off, is laminating it and putting it in a beautiful basket for her son's teacher. That is a fabulous gift. Where was she when I was teaching kindergarten? I would have adored an entire unit ready to go! Keep that in mind if your kids' teachers would like such a thoughtful gift! Find your favorite blogger and buy something she will love using or might need...
Did you make any awesome purchases?

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