Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magical Morning Work...Free From the Elf

I always love providing an opportunity for students to write for an authentic purpose. This is quick and simple and can be used throughout the grades. For kinder I would eliminate the last page or do it together. For the older kids it allows them to write a persuasive paragraph which is encouraged with the new CCSS .
This might be a magical elf but the writing is purposeful. Even older students need an opportunity to draw their thinking and we might bust out the colored pencils for this little activity. Character, setting, and event can be revisited while the kids are having some fun! Now where should he be hidden tomorrow? Any suggestions? The 5th grade teacher put him high on a shelf next to a book, holding a roll of toilet paper that she dropped and wrapped her cabinet in. OMG her class is lovin' this! Christina told me her kids are asking each other if they still believe in Santa and with their elf in the room they are not quite so sure of this... If you want this journal our elf is offering it up right here.
Run off as many pages as you need collated and staple them on the left corner before you cut them apart. This is a freebie for your classroom only! Thanks.


Unknown said...

Thank you

Annie Moffatt said...

This is PERFECT Fran!! I love how you incorporated writing into such a fun Christmas activity:) We will be using this at the Moffatt Girls Elementary;) You are the best!!
The Moffatt Girls

Chrissy said...

I'm so sad....I think the elf is wonderful, but I'm not allowed to use him at my school. :-( The pinterest ideas for the elf have had me laughing out loud!

Jan said...

Thanks for this cute journal. Our classroom elf is taking a day off to talk with Santa after two days with my very talkative firsties. Hopefully she'll be back on Friday;-) I look forward to using the journal then- thanks!

Sarah Paul said...

Thank you for this freebie! I started Elf on a Shelf this year for the first time and my kids LOVE it! They will be excited to do this for morning work. Thanks!

Sarah's First Grade Snippets