Friday, July 13, 2012

What Happened In Vegas Will Stay In My Heart Forever...Part3

You thought I was finished with this and maybe I would post about getting ready for school. Sorry. I have more pictures and the story continues...
Are you wondering who the party planners for this gala were? Rachelle Smith put this into place and made it happen. There were well over 100 women in the room and fabulous prizes for everyone. We told her to make sure this becomes an annual event. I love this lady. She is the whole package, smart and beautiful. Thank you Rachelle for providing a night to remember forever.

Here are the Kindergals. Now you can see the powerhouse mother daughter team. They are great women.

Crystal invited me to go to dinner with her and it turned into a six hour event! She brought these two friends who are amazing kindergarten teachers. I fell in love with both of them. They are full of energy and passion for their
job. Who thinks teachers aren't committed?  These ladies are superstars in the world of teaching and I had a great time in their company.


Traci said...

This whole extravaganza sounds/looks like it was quite the blast!
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Deb Thomas said...

I can't even imagine how much fun it was to see everyone that you have been blogging with! To meet them and feel like you already know them! Sounds like a good time was had by ALL!

Deb at Fabulously First
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Natalie Kay said...

Fran!! It was so nice to meet you! Just thinking about you makes me smile!! :)