Sunday, November 11, 2012

Add Some Sparkle to Your November: You Need It

Add some sparkle to your November

These are back by popular demand and I think they will be great for kindergarten teachers and intervention specialists.. I worked hard on these to make them "just right" for this time of the year and then I tested them out in a variety of classrooms to make sure they were a good fit. The kids loved the topics and gave me a thumbs up! I love praise from five year olds. So here is the November set and remember that each book comes with its own sentence builders for your pocket chart. Build them and use sticky dots under the text.
All 80 pages are available in my TpT store for you to grab if this will make the crazy month of November a little easier. Gobble, Gobble  this here.


dbednars said...

I'm so happy you created another set. Thank you. I already purchased them, but TPT is having trouble w/ my download. I hope they get it fixed soon! I want to print & laminate for Tuesday.
I e-mailed them.
I hope you're planning to create more of these for Christmas & winter. My students love them & are truly learning their sight words (1st grade special ed).

Kelly said...

I have purchased a set of your sparkle readers and they were so helpful for my very beginning readers. Thank you for creating such a great learning tool. I also love how your products turn out--so cute! I will be hopping over to your TpT store to check out this latest set.

Kindergarten Kel

Deedee Wills said...

Someone asked me about emergent readers and I sent them right over to you! Looks great!!!

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