Sunday, November 2, 2014

Adding Just A Little Pumpkin Spice to your math and literacy stations...

I hope I am not too late to the Pumpkin Party. I just had a Pumpkin Activity Day and made about a "zillion" pumpkin centers to review all the concepts we have been working on in our classroom. We do not celebrate Halloween and yes I want all students to be able to attend school, regardless of their religious beliefs. Okay, now that we have that out of the way I want to share some of the fun we had...
For those students who still need letter naming practice this is an activity the children greet with great eenthusiasm They have a recording sheet and work with a partner rolling the soft  die and coloring in the number. I can put letters they are struggling with in these clear pockets and differentiate, based on individual needs
This is a popular, non competitive game in my classroom and provides another means for reviewing sight words that we have introduced. I had a chant that went with this and children love getting a turn and picking a card they can be successful with. A picture of pumpkin seeds are hiding behind a word. If a child pulls the right card and can identify the word, they become the winner and the game begins again. I use this whole group but the children love doing this during workshop time! Activities can be so simple.
My students loved doing these ten frames and we had great "math talk" about how you don't always need to count each candy corn. We learned if the frame is filled then we know there are 10, one row means there are 5, etc. Students who are still struggling used counters and placed them on top of these images and counted before finding the numerical match. The loved filling in the response sheet that went with this on the following day.
Who doesn't like a great game of BINGO? When the parent volunteer brought out candy corn to mark the answers I thought the students were going to lose their minds from enthusiasm! It was too cute. However, I told them they would be able to take 5 pieces home in a baggie and get permission from Mom and Dad. Yup, let them decide if they can eat them. 

This was the most popular activity of the day. A parent ran this center and did such a great job. All the supplies need to be well organized and this year I got smart and made large posters for them to follow. They also had a matching little book to take home to retell the story and explain the color of each bead. This was a  a huge hit. The moms really did a great job monitoring this station.
This is an outdoor activity but well worth the time. Many of our students have never seen the inside of a pumpkin and felt how slimy it is. They got a chance to see the strands close up and touch the pulp and seeds. They helped me add the soil and water and now we are going to see if anything magical happens! The following morning a child swore he saw a sprout coming up and I loved his conviction.
We were not ending the day without sharing a couple of pumpkin pies and deciding if we liked it or not. We even put a little whipped cream on top. All our parents who came to help shared this treat and helped make this day so special. 
These are just a few highlights from the day. We made headbands and did some fabulous pumpkin investigations. The children were shocked that pumpkins float in water and it was so much fun to drop a huge one in a large tub of water.
It was a great day of learning and the children took all their special projects home in a folder. We even squeezed in a simple art project and tasted pumpkin seeds. 

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Now I better start working on assessments for report cards.
Happy Sunday!


Lattes and Lunchrooms said...

Wow! These activities look great!

Maryann said...

Hi Fran! Love these ideas and thanks for posting on TPT!! Love the three section plates that you have in the picture above! I have been searching high and low and found one place to purchase but I have to order 12,000 from the company!!!Any chance you have seen them around? Just thought I would ask!

Fran Kramer said...

If I ever see those plates again I am buying you a dozen and mailing them to you! I swear I will because I always look for them hoping I will be able to grab you some!