Sunday, November 30, 2014

Who's Ready to Shop Until They Drop: My Recommendations

Are you gearing up for the sale TpT is having? What is on your wish list? I am going to have to get a grip and get myself under control for this gigantic extravaganza!
You can save a whooping 20% in my store but even better is when you enter in the TpT promo code and save even more! It all adds up when you are loading up with items for those cold winter months. So snuggy up in your jammies and here are some of my favorite items:
Here are the best of my emergent readers that are the core of my guided reading program. My students love these and look forward to each new one. They are well priced and with them I have made individual cards to build in your pocket chart for large group instruction.

If you do not have an elf in your classroom now is the time to buy this and use these packets. My kids have had such a blast with these activities and the their favorite activity was the jingle bracelet they got to make for counting by 2's. Did you know the elf is Pete the Cat's best friend? Yup it's a fact (or a story I made up) that added some fun to the elf drama.

I do a huge unit on the Gingerbread Man at this time of the year. I love reading a variety of stories and this is the perfect time to compare and contrast 2 pieces of text and meet an important CCSS standard. Right? I have a great emergent reader with a retelling bracelet so that you hit a few more standards. I also focus on story elements as part of this unit. I cannot wait to use this again. 

I have never been able to find emergent readers for Hanukkah with accurate information so I decided to create my own. These are two different readers that provide a teacher and student version. Both readers are interactive (one uses velcro) and engaging for young students. One focuses on math concepts and the other on vocabulary and beginning sounds. I used this K-1 and the children really enjoyed them.

This is a huge winter packet with emergent readers, dominoes, retelling activities and math concepts. It is filled with games and pocket chart work to keep your students busy during those cold months. They get their own version of  The Jacket I Wear In the Snow and The Mitten.

This is an emergent reader for MLK's birthday that is Common Core aligned and perfect for young children. I used it in many different kindergarten classrooms and the children got so much out of it. It is about setting goals for yourself so that you can be a scholar. Ready to rock it out. Click here to go to my store.

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