Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cutting Paper Not Hair Or Clothing!

Do you have those students in your classroom that I refer to as "scissor happy"? I do. They love to cut anything in sight and I need to pay attention or disaster is right around the corner. When my students get tired of cutting out pictures, they start making confetti. That means they are not on the lines I have for them to follow and they just want to get the project over with! Who is on my page? So when I decided to make them a Letters and Sounds book I really tried to keep it simple but effective. Here is what I can up with:
 This is quick and easy but I think it will still be effective. We have been using Open Court for about 12 years and I am amazed that this never dawned on me before. I want to keep this in the classroom as a resource that kids can use when writing or doing other related activities. That is what Common Core is suggesting we do and it makes sense to me!
When we are working on letters and sounds I can pick and choose which pages I want to do. I am running these off 2 at a time and will save so much paper this way. I think this might be more fun for a little kinder person that writing and gluing a whole page. I will let you know if it is effective or not.


absees123s said...

Great idea! Where would I find these to purchase?

Fran Kramer said...

Go on my FB page and enter my giveaway!

lorena said...

Hi Fran. I just wanted to let you know I sent you an email. :)

Maryann said...

Hi Fran!
I love following you on your blog! Any chance you would post on TPT the life cycle pumpkin activity that you had a picture posted last week? I love the simple pictures glue on a strip or ribbon for children to retell the life cycle. I know you are very busy but as always thanks for sharing!

Fran Kramer said...

I have the life cycle on the blog on cards from last year. I have not made it for a ribbon yet. I hope this helps!

Meredith said...

For OCR these are amazing. You do fantastic work. I can only imagine how many hours it takes to make these.

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

You are soooo right - less is best. A little practice over and over makes the biggest difference!