Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Reading: Fran's Picks!

I admit it. I am a reading junkie. I love books of all kinds and I would never admit how many I have purchased on my Kindle. Don't judge me. I love books of all kinds and crazy as it sounds I love professional ones too. Here are my top five suggestions that I have already purchased:

So now I have my hot little hands on these and I can barely contain myself. I know-crazy. I have really searched out the best reads for primary grades since I am a kindergarten teacher. I have been a Common Core coach for the last two years (k-5) but the grant is over and I am returning to kindergarten.  I am so excited to have a class again! This has been a long and valuable journey but my heart is still with students and their families. So now I need to get on top of my game! What are you reading this summer? Other suggestions?

I hope this has been a good year for you with implementation of the Common Core. Remember to forgive yourself if you didn't always get it right. This is hard and will be an ongoing process. We can help each other as we travel down this road. Look out for road blocks!


Sandy Welch said...

Hi Fran! Kindergarten will be happy to have you back in the classroom! I'm going to read Number Talks for sure! Your other selections look good, too. I need some good chaise lounge fiction books for poolside also. Happy summer!

Fran Kramer said...

Me too Sandy. I love junk novels or should I say beach reading? LOL

April said...

These all look great! Comgrats on heading back into the classroom. I've loved your blog for years and have loved reading about your ideas on the CCSS!

Luv My Kinders said...

Thanks for the great book suggestions. I put several on my amazon wishlist. I tend to buy a whole bunch and not get to them all. I already have 4 to read for this month then I"ll be ready for another batch.
Luv My Kinders

KinderKapers said...

more books to put on my list!! I am also reading: Reading in the Wild. Can't wait to get started.

Terri Izatt

Jess said...

I just added the Close Reading in Elementary School to my summer reading list. I really need to do some professional summer reading as well. I want to find a book that integrates science and literacy using the CCSS. Thanks for peeking my interests!
Rambling About Reading

One Sharp Bunch by Ashley Sharp said...

Hi Fran! I have the "Number Talks" book and love it! The DVD is awesome! It inspired our team to make 210 rekenreks! I am also reading "Close Reading" and the new "Daily Five." I'd like to read "Guided Math," but I'm afraid I won't have enough time left this summer! LOL! I am a professional development book junkie too! Welcome back to kindergarten! It is good to hear you are back in the classroom!

One Sharp Bunch

Jayne Gammons said...

Great suggestions. I'm one of those nerdo teachers reading these books on the beach! Smiles, Jayne
Smart Kids
ABCs of Reading

Jayne Gammons said...

Great suggestions. I'm one of those nerdo teachers reading these books on the beach! Smiles, Jayne
Smart Kids
ABCs of Reading

Anonymous said...

Lots of great summer book suggestions! Thanks for sharing!
Green Apple Lessons

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

So excited for you to have a class again. They are so fortunate to have you!
- Leslie