Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Journey... Where I Have Been and Where I Am Going

Two years have flown by for me. As most of you know I love my kindergarten classroom and took on a new challenge as a Common Core coach. What a huge learning experience for me. It was filled with new learning and many challenges. 
I was sent to a small, inner city school under the leadership of a well loved principal. I had no idea of what to expect and was filled with excitement mixed with a little  massive amount of anxiety. The only familiar faces were my kinder teaching friends that I have trained many times over the years.
It was an amazing experience for me. Teaching at a small school is very different. They are like a big family and most of these teachers worked here for their entire career! They are best friends and even travel together in the summer. The principal and office manager eat lunch with the staff every day. There is no drama. Yup, I said there is no drama. Teachers support each other, raise their kids together, and look out for each other.

I will never forget these two years. Teachers welcomed me into their classrooms. They shared their triumphs and challenges with me. Often we talked about helping the kids socially and emotionally. They supported me and cheered me through all the Common Core PD. We laughed together and cried together. I am filled with so many memories but leaving is bittersweet for me. 

I was showered with beautiful gifts at the staff breakfast where we shared a meal together for the last time. At the end of the meal the principal stood up and talked about me. The words almost washed over me because I wanted to hold it together. He was the best part of this experience for me. He is the most talented administrator I have ever worked with and is passionate about children and meeting their academic needs. He was patient with me and guided me as we explored this massive CCSS learning curve. I tripped and fell many times but he learned with me and guided my thinking.  We talked about each topic and went through the PowerPoint together. He asked hard questions and I worked hard to find the answers. 

The staff reminded me to come back often. My school is nearby. Will it be the same? No. I will have to adjust to another big change. I will go back for the celebrations and support when they need me. 

What was the best part of this ride? I was given a surprise luncheon and voted their support teacher of the year. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the love of this staff. Follow me on the road back to kindergarten. In the end, that's where I belong.


Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

What a journey! You are always so positive about changes. Smiles and stop by anytime!

Tonia said...

The lucky children that will get such an inspirational teacher!

Terry Mol said...

Really What A Journey you had! You did a great job. You work with full of positive aspects. The kids are so lucky to have inspiration teacher like you.

krazy4K said...

Love you!!! You are the best at everything you do!!!! Leigh Ann

amykuti said...

Congratulations on this wonderful journey you were given!! I'm sure they are missing your expertise; Good luck next year in Kindergarten!

Camille said...

Fran, Welcome back to kindergarten! I look forward to learning from you as you return to kindergarten. Love you!

Jose Rizalino said...

Goodbyes are always hard. But on the positive note, you should be happy with the 2 years you spent with the people you consider as a family in Hoover Elementary School. It will be different now but I think your connection with them will remain. Good luck to your journey in coming back to kindergarten.

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Lisa Liddiard said...

Sounds like a wonderful group of people. I'm sorry your having to leave this close knit group but so excited your going back to kindergarten. Let's face it, Fran. Kindergarten is where the magic happens! You get to be a part of that again and we get to enjoy it through your posts. Good luck and I look forward to future kindergarten posts.

Pamela said...

Wow. A school with no drama. Such a blessing to have worked in that environment.