Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Fun... On the Run With

Summer is almost here and parents, summer program leaders, and tutors will need materials to help maintain the skills of kindergarten students who are getting ready for first grade. This is a packet of Common Core activities that should keep your little ones engaged and still make learning fun! If you are on the road this summer just pack a few supplies and toss them in a bag. You are good to go! Literacy and math activities that your students need to review have been provided. The work has been done for you!
Not sure what all this Common Core hoopla is all about. This little packet will show you what it looks like.

Flashcards can go on your key chain to practice when you are hanging out in a grocery line or Starbucks. All of these activities can be run off on a copier, put into a binder, and used throughout the summer so your students or children maintain all the skills they acquired over the school year. Prepare this ahead of time and your days will be sunny! Grab this in my TpT store by clicking each picture or right here!
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