Sunday, June 15, 2014

Camp Common Core: The Next Chapter

This is a new packet I created for the summer months ahead. It does not use any colored ink and can be run off quickly and easily. This version of Camp Common Core: Part 2 focuses on Language Arts with lots of engaging activities. The prep is simple. Grab a binder to store the pages, a baggie to hold the necessary supplies and you are ready to hit the road and head for the beach.  
This can also be used for summer school instructors or tutors doing intervention work. 

I hope this is something you have use for. The Table of Contents gives you the Common Core standard that is being addressed and includes an answer key. This is chock full of interactive activities that students can review and practice to prevent "summer slide." Click on any picture or here to find this in my TpT store. The theme is camping which makes it just a little more fun!
I only have a week to go and then I pack it up to go back to the classroom! Woohoo!
Happy summer friends,

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Chrissy said...

You are going back to the classroom?! I'm so excited for you! Do you have big plans for the summer?

We go back on Aug. 4. I am absorbing every free minute. I wish I could take you out for coffee and tell you the story of my year; next time I'm in California, I'll let you know! Suffice it to say, the year was an incredible, heart-expanding experience.

Have a great summer! :-)Chrissy ReadWriteSing