Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grab Your Shopping Carts and Head for TpT

I love and appreciate all the teachers I have as friends,colleagues, and mentors. You have changed who I am and greatly influenced my teaching skills. I am so grateful for those that educated me and most of all, those that gave my daughters their passion for learning. I deeply love and respect teachers and want to show my appreciation for you. Please check out my TpT store for sales on many of my products. Be sure to enter the code at checkout TPTXO to get an even better discount! 

OMG my daughter came to town as a surprise and I forgot to put my products up for sale in my TpT store. I almost flipped out when I realized this but I went over to my store and took care of business. I hope you find a few things that will help you finish out the year. Here are a few ideas to get you started. They are perfect for sliding into the summer.

1. Dots of Fun...collaboration on the run! (Review of all the sight words for the year)
2.Making Sense of Numbers...Student Book and Collaborative Model
3. Camp Common Core: Literacy and Math Printables
4. My Common Core KindergartenYear: An Emergent Memory Journal
5. Sparkle Readers (#1-7)
6. What Can I Do At The Beach? (emergent reader for the summer)
7. Growing A Word Garden (CVCWords) :Part 1 
8. Growing A Word Garden (CVCWords): Part 2

My Common Core Kindergarten Year is ideal for kindergarten teachers who have implemented the CCSS to show the growth and progress of their students. It is wonderful for Open House or as a memory to send home that reflects your year together and shows samples of each student's work instead of using a portfolio. Check it out here. It is on sale so grab it today!

If you are interested in teaching your kinder students how to work collaboratively with a partner or group be sure to purchase Dots of Fun or Making Sense of Numbers. I promise your class will love these. They use bingo daubers as part of their collaborative work and both products provide a review of sight words and number sense.

What Can I Do At the Beach? is a great little, emergent reader that students love to read since it is interactive and allows them to sponge paint for additional learning fun. Check it out!

Do your students need additional practice with CVC words. I think Growing A Word Garden Part 1 and 2 are ideal for this. They have been carefully designed for young children and are sequential in design.

Camp Common Core is a collection of activities for the end of the year or during the summer. It is a review of a student's kindergarten year and requires no prep at all. You can print it and head for that vacation or use it as part of your summer school program.

Thank you for all that you do every day in the classroom. Your job is demanding and requires long hours of work. I appreciate you so much. I hope you find something in my store to get you through the next few weeks. Go shopping!

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