Thursday, May 1, 2014

Help! They Need to Learn Those Sight Words!

Am I the only person who feels like I am in a race to the finish line? Some of my kindergarten friends still do not know those sight words and are not all that interested in learning them. Out of fear I have been racking my brains for "brilliant and motivating ideas" to get them to interact with these words. I think I "fell" into something big... dot markers! Kinders love pounding on these to mark an answer so I am taking advantage of this with a new packet created just so students can review all the sight words for the year, in context with a related picture they draw together (imprinting). 50 words with 50 sentences to build and practice for fluency.
Easy. I love easy.

What is unique about this? Students work using a collaborative model to complete two pages together. Pair your students strategically so that they can help each other. It allows for oral language practice and the need to communicate and plan out their course of action! Our students need to learn to work together and build on each other's ideas. Yup, it starts in kindergarten so we need an easy way to implement that. 
My kindergarten teachers love this product and the primary special education teacher. However, the first grade intervention teachers saw it as another great tool to keep their students interested in interacting with these words. Who knew? 
These words are contextualized and must be put in order in a sentence with a related picture. At the end students can present their work (performance task) to others in their group. Finally, I have included a refection which is perfect for young children and easy for them to do. It gives you important feedback about the activity and how they interacted with their partner. 
So you model this, guide students through this, and finally allow them to work independently with a partner . Now you can get your assessments completed for report cards. 
Two students said to me yesterday, "When can we play that game again teacher?" That says it all.
Click on a picture to get to my TpT store to grab this one right here.
What sight word activities do your kids love?


Ms.M said...

I LOVE these and my kids just can't get enough of the Dot stampers. I've never seen it with HFW. Love them.
Ms. K/1 ELL

Katie Knight said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!